Nice, different, unusual

Monday, September 23, 2019

This letter from The Barossa Cellar Chairman James Wark to WBM editor Anthony Madigan appeared in The Week That Was.

"Thank you for the delightfully different and highly supportive coverage of The Barossa Cellar. As touched on in your article, many of our dear and departed mates would have loved it too. I can see ‘Big Bob’ McLean puffing his chest out even further with pride and in jest claiming it was all to be his idea, and 'PL' scanning the place with his astute eye and giving the highest praise possible, "Bloody good, Warky." Whitey, too, I’m sure would love it and hopefully he enjoyed your wonderful coverage. Please send him my kindest regards. I will never forget cooking wild ducks in my camp ovens for him and many others on the banks of the Murray, and then nearly falling in the river with them when taking them from the river bank to the table in the house boat. The Barossa Cellar group have all done an amazing job and it has been a pleasure working with them all and we look forward to the Barossa wine industry being greatly enhanced through this exciting new wine cellar and home for BGWA. Please rest assured your support is greatly appreciated." – James Wark