BGWA joins The Barossa Cellar

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Barons of Barossa and the Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA) have announced an exciting, new tenancy arrangement that seals the future of The Barossa Cellar.

The BGWA Board has agreed to move into The Barossa Cellar once the building is completed. This decision to accept a long-term tenure of The Barossa Cellar will enable the BGWA to operate from a beautiful location at the heart of the Barossa wine region.

BGWA Chairman Linda Bowes says the Barons’ invitation to join The Barossa Cellar was a fantastic opportunity for the membership association. ”Both organisations work hard to support local grape growing and wine making interests and to promote Brand Barossa locally, as well as internationally,” she said.

“As well as being a very special building everyone in the region will be very proud of, The Barossa Cellar will provide fit-for-purpose facilities and infrastructure to better service our members and a stunning location from which to promote the region.”

Barossa Council has given development approval for a wine interpretative centre on the Stockwell Road property owned by the Barons. As the initial design is now being modified to include a modest number of offices sufficient for the BGWA’s operations, the plans will be re-submitted to Council for approval. However,

The Barossa Cellar will remain a non-commercial facility in keeping with its original purpose of housing the magnificent, independent collection of Barossa wines, all of which have been donated by local wineries. The purpose-built exhibition cellar will store wine in ideal conditions, to ensure each bottle is opened at its peak, creating a “time capsule” of Barossa wines.

The tenancy of the BGWA will breathe life into The Barossa Cellar and help facilitate the promotion of the Barossa wine community through wine tastings and master classes for students and wine enthusiasts from all over the world.

The design of The Barossa Cellar is sympathetic to the hills face zoning, with a significant part of the building tucked away under an earth-covered roof. The front of the building will have stunning views to the west across the valley floor, and will blend natural timbers, stone and glass with the natural environment.

Baron Stephen Henschke says he is thrilled the BGWA has agreed to join the The Barossa Cellar. “The Barons see the cellar as a momentous step forward for the Barossa wine community,” Stephen says. “It will be a landmark building that symbolises what the Barossa is all about,” he says. “Not only does it meet the need to store our very special wines, but it signals a new direction for the Barons, the BGWA and the local community. The Barossa Cellar provides a catalyst for us to work even more collaboratively to promote the interests of grape growers and wine makers and to ensure Brand Barossa’s reputation continues to grow.”

Final plans for The Barossa Cellar will be submitted to Council in the next few weeks. Pending approval, the Barons will officially launch The Barossa Cellar and announce opportunities for members of the Barossa community to donate to the building fund and offer their support for the project.