About The Barossa Cellar

The Barossa Cellar is an initiative conceived by the Barons of Barossa to build a regional wine museum. It represents a significant community investment in the future of the Barossa. Once completed, The Barossa Cellar will serve three main purposes:

  • A regional centre for the Barossa wine community, including the day-to-day operation of the Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA)
  • To educate the global wine community about Barossa wine and promote brand Barossa 
  • To cellar a magnificent collection of fine wines generously donated by Barossa wineries

The Barossa Cellar is not a cellar door, nor is it a function centre. It will operate on a non-commercial basis. The concept of a regional wine museum is unique and exiting. 

The Barossa Cellar will be globally recognised and respected and will position the Barossa and Eden Valleys as world-class regions of distinction through a commitment to wine education and the promotion of Barossa wine, viticulture, gastronomy, heritage and art.


Our vision is build a globally recognised and respected wine museum to properly store the Barossa’s most valuable wine collection and to create a cultural hub that assists in positioning the Barossa and Eden Valleys as world-class regions of fine wine endeavor based on their unique story.

  • The Barossa Cellar will be an iconic landmark in the heart of one of the world’s most famous wine regions. The building’s design will reflect contemporary and sustainable architecture and showcase best practice wine cellaring and viticultural practices.
  • The Barossa Cellar will be home to the finest, independent collection of aged Barossa Valley and Eden Valley wines.
  • The Barossa Cellar will be a ‘must do’ experience for discerning wine consumers and collectors from all over the world, providing them with knowledge, education and opportunities to develop their understanding and appreciation of Barossa wine. This will be achieved through wine tastings, master classes, seminars and insights into wine ageing, collection and storage practices.
  • The Barossa Cellar will be the centre of the Barossa wine community and enable the Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA) and the Barons of Barossa to promote brand Barossa and represent and support a united grapegrowing and winemaking community.
  • The Barossa Cellar will provide opportunities for Barons of Barossa to further extend their philanthropic support of the Barossa community. 
  • The Barossa Cellar will be a showcase destination for visiting wine, tourism and food influencers, as well as a sought-after venue for industry training and a stunning environment for hosting trade tastings, media and important wine events.

The Barossa Cellar operates under the mandate of and with the full support of Barons of Barossa. Barons of Barossa Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated association, which was founded in 1975. Its charter is to support Barossa wine, viticulture, gastronomy, arts and heritage. Over many years, the Barons have donated more than $1 million to local community events, organisations and projects.

The Directors of Barons of Barossa have a wide range of experience in key areas such as corporate governance, strategic planning, business development, financial management, winemaking, wine marketing and tourism. Board members are Stephen Henschke (chairman), Stefan Ahrens, Louisa Rose, Peter John, Colin Glaetzer, Grant Burge, Cameron Ashmead and Chris Hatcher.

The Barossa Cellar committee was established by the Barons in 2016, with the sole purpose of planning and securing funding for The Barossa Cellar. The committee is chaired by James Wark, a long-term resident of the Barossa, who serves on the boards of several local companies, including the Ahrens Group and Yalumba. Stefan Ahrens, Louisa Rose and Peter John are members of the Barossa Cellar committee.

Once completed, Barons of Barossa will retain full ownership of The Barossa Cellar. Its day-to-day management will be the responsibility of the Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA) which has signed a long-term lease agreement to be the sole tenant of The Barossa Cellar.

The Barossa Cellar will be centrally located in the heart of the Barossa at 1015 Stockwell Road Vine Vale. The Barossa Cellar has been designed to blend with its natural surroundings of rolling hills, vineyards and majestic gums. The cellar component of the building will be built back into the earth, while the front commands stunning views across the valley floor.

The Barossa Cellar’s vineyard will be situated immediately in front of the building, adjacent to Stockwell Road, Vine Vale. The vineyard will be planted and managed to reflect best practice Barossa viticulture and showcase everything Barossa grape growers have learned over 175 years.

At 1.0ha, the vineyard may be small, but its significance lies in its DNA. Cuttings will be taken from 35 different old-vine Shiraz vineyards, representing some of the earliest material in the Barossa and some of the oldest Shiraz genetics in the world.

Local growers and wineries were invited to nominate their old-vine Shiraz vineyards for selection. During the 2017/18 growing season, selected vineyards were evaluated and tested. During winter 2018, cuttings were taken from the best and oldest Barossa Shiraz vineyards for grafting and propagation. They will be planted in The Barossa Cellar's vineyard in winter 2019.

Barossa Vine Improvement (BVI) has provided in-kind services to source the planting material on behalf of The Barossa Cellar. This includes choosing and tagging suitable vines, collecting samples sending off for virus testing and collecting the cuttings for propagation. Yalumba Nursery grafted and propagated the vines on behalf of The Barossa Cellar.

Winemaker Louisa Rose is working closely with the Barossa Viticulture Technical Group (BVTG) to design and develop the vineyard, including surveying the site and soils, and designing the vineyard layout and irrigation system. 

A critical part of the vineyard planning is to ensure that best practice biosecurity is followed during the establishment of the vineyard and in the future. This means The Barossa Cellar vineyard can be visited by and inspire not only the Barossa grape and wine community, but influencers and lovers of great wine from all over the world.

The Barossa Cellar vineyard will produce outstanding Shiraz grapes and exceptional wines. Key holders and those who have donated Vines as part of the fundraising activities, will be given first option to buy the limited release wines produced from this vineyard.

If you would like to be part of The Barossa Cellar’s extraordinary vineyard please select from the following options:

  • Click here if you want to make a cash donation to The Barossa Cellar and “purchase" a Vine in the vineyard.
  • Click here if your company or organisation is interested in providing an in-kind donation of products or services to help establish The Barossa Cellar vineyard.

The Barossa Cellar was originally conceived as a repository to cellar the Barossa and Eden Valley’s finest wines until they reached their peak, showing the ageing potential of our wines. While the project has grown to incorporate the BGWA offices and provide a central hub for wine education and promotion, the cellar remains integral to the building.

Since 2011, Barons of Barossa have made regular calls for donations of wine from Barossa wineries which then become the property of The Barossa Cellar.  Each year, The Barossa Cellar Trophy is presented to a wine at The Barossa Wine Show, deemed by the Chair of Judges to be the gold-medal winning wine that shows the most ageing potential. The Barons purchase $1,500 of this wine for The Barossa Cellar. In addition, other donations or purchases are considered, including purchases at the Barossa Chapters Auction by the Barons or a third party which are donated, or from bequests.

Wines that are not received directly from a winery may be subject to assessment or recorking to confirm quality.

The Barossa Cellar’s current wine collection is stored in a secure, temperature controlled facility, but will transfer to the new building once it is complete. The new cellar will have the capacity to store more than 2,000 dozen bottles in a combination of custom shelving and racks, depending on volumes and the age of the wines. Wine displays will be designed to ensure optimum lighting and temperature conditions for the safe storage of wine.

All wines are insured and catalogued on a database. The wines are regularly audited and a stock inventory will be available at any time for contributors to view. 

The Barossa Cellar’s wines are not for sale, but will be used at the discretion of the Barons and the BGWA to promote Brand Barossa and educate a global wine audience about Barossa wine. As the wines reach their optimum age, donor wineries will be consulted about how their wines are ageing and their intended use. Once these wines reach their peak, an annual plan for the use of these wines will be set up be the Barons and BGWA.

If you are interested in donating fine wines from the Barossa and Eden Valleys to The Barossa Cellar, please contact us.

We have prepared a fact sheet to answer as many of your questions as possible. VIEW FACT SHEET If the information you are seeking is not covered in the fact sheet please CONTACT US.