The Barossa Cellar Donors

Without the generous support of our donors, the dream to build The Barossa Cellar would be just that! Every donation, no matter how small, is greatly valued and greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this dream a reality. We look forward to welcoming you all to The Barossa Cellar!

Please note, donors are listed alphabetically by their chosen acknowledgement under the relevant donor catetory. The donor list includes donations for which monies have been received, pledges confirmed in writing and in-kind donations for which work or services have been carried out.

Diamond Key

Ahrens Group

Platinum Key

Casella Family Brands
Orora Packaging Group

Gold Key

Alkina Wine Estate
AP John Coopers
Burge Barossa (Grant & Helen Burge)
CCL Label
Colorado Vines Pty Ltd
Henschke Cellars
Hentley Farm
JBG Architects
Pernod Ricard Winemakers
Pete Kight – Proprietor, Torbreck Vintners
Two Hands Wines Pty Ltd
Vinpac International Pty Ltd

Other Major Donors

Barossa Vine Improvement
Classic Oak Products/Cpak
Dean Lanyon & Shane Larkin
EcoTrellis Horticultural Solutions
Elderton Wines
Irrigation Works
Louisa Rose & Warren Roesler
Mark & Susanna Pearce – Proprietors, Kellermeister
Reftec Services
Rockford Wines
Rod Schubert Artist
Wolf Blass Foundation Inc and Wolf Blass Gallery & Wine Museum
Yalumba Nursery


Minister for Primary Industries & Regional Development (SAWIDS)


Peter Angas Rosenberg (1933-2018)

Barossa Key

A Stiller Coopers
Alex & Kylie Alm
Ben Dikih, Burns Ceilings
Bianco Reinforcing
Blair R Hayden & Family, Lot 462 Vineyard
Bowen Family
Brady & Co Creative
Brett Waterman, Western United Financial Services
David & Vicki Minear
F.A.B.A.L / National Vineyard Fund of Australia
Farmer Johns
Fisher Jeffries
Gargaro Family
Glaetzer Wines
Greenock Creek Wines
Guala Closures Australia
Hage Digital Productions
Hahn Corporation
Hans & Fransien Haan
Hanson Construction Materials
Harley Cooke
Heidenreich Estate
Hurst Plumbers
In memory of Bill & Edna Seppelt
James & Di Wark
Jo Irvine & Peter Carr – Levrier Wines
John Duval Wines
Kaesler Winery & Vineyards
Leo & Beverley Pech
Lienert Vineyards
Linke Vineyard Services Pty Ltd
Maranello Concrete
Margaret Lehmann
Mountadam Vineyards
Obst Family – Stan, Stephen & Mark
Pellenc Australia
Rob & Lisa Scamoni
Sherwood Earthmoving
Swan Wine Group
The Reserve Barossa Valley
The Standish Wine Company
Thorn-Clarke Wines
Tomfoolery Wines, Ben & Sarah Chipman
Triaxial Consulting
Underwood Building Pty Ltd
WBM Magazine
Wolf Blass Wines

Vine Donors

1847 Wines Chateau Yaldara
A Stiller Coopers
A Wine Wagon
Aaron Penley
Aaron Penley & Graham Butler
Able Roofing
Adam & Geoff Tyson
Adam Fletcher
Adrian & April Hoffmann, 6th generation, Dimchurch Vineyards
Ahrens-Cannan Family
Alan Jolly
Albrecht Family
Alderton Family
Alex & Kylie Alm
Alex Binder
Alex John, Robwil Trust
Alexander Hage
Alfred ‘Gordon’ & Avis Hoffmann, 4th generation
Alfred Gilder
Alisa Hart, Hart of the Barossa
Alistair Sands
Alkina Wine Estate
Allan Abdy & Delma Glindermann
Allison Manefield
Allister & Rebecca Ashmead
Alsace (Ally) Fletcher – The Queen Bee
Amanda Rischbieth
Amber Kalleske, Kalleske Wines
Amelia Walker Thomas (nee Burge), 6th generation Burge
Amos Family, Barossa Coffee Roasters
Andreas Henschke
Andrew & Michelle Holt, Poonawatta Wines
Andrew Plush
Andrew Tulloch
Angas Park Cellars
Angaston Agricultural Bureau
Angela Henschke
Angus David Sorby Adams, Sorby Adams Wines
Angus Kurtze
Angus Wellington Campbell Ashmead
Ann Thomson, The Thomson-Moroney Family
Anna Falland
Annabel Biagi
Annabel, Bruce, Sam & Seb Mugford & Tom Wood
Annabelle Gilder
Annabelle Waugh
Anne Pearce
Anthony & Joanne Semmler
Anthony Madigan
Anthony Tscharke Family, Ebenezer
Apolonia & Manfred Kersch
Armstrong Family
Artemis Stanton
Arthur Paul John
Aston John
Australian Laboratory Services
Ava Christine Helen Thomas, 7th generation Burge
Ayla, Yu & Lin, family who love Barossa wines
Bank SA Agribusiness Team
Barbara Storey
Barossa & Light Cab Service
Barossa Quarries
Barossa Styling + Events
Barossa Vine Improvement
Barry Gibb
Bartsch Family, Barossa Nursery
Beer Family
Bella Lehmann
Ben & Heather Dikih
Ben & Madeleine Chapman
Ben Dikih, Burns Ceilings
Ben Duval, John Duval Wines
Benjamin & Nicola Rose
Benjamin Biagi
Berkmann Family, Langmeil Winery
Bianco Construction & Industrial Supplies
Bianco Precast
Bianco Reinforcing
Bill & Jacqui Seppelt
Bill & Jan Biscoe
Bill & Joyce Wilson WFP LLC
Bill & Lorna Nitschke
Bill & Trish Gransbury
Bill Panagiotopoulos
Blair R Hayden & Family, Lot 462 Vineyard
Blaxland Vineyards Limited
Bob & Pat Taplin
Bob Ahrens
Bosco Henschke
Bowen Family
Brad Collings
Breanna Collings
Brendyn, Lisa & Sons, Hueppauff Family Vineyards
Brett Waterman, Western United Financial Services
Brian & Virginia Waples
Brian Hahn
Brian Storey 1935-2017
Brian, Christine & Liam Wilson, WFP LLC
Bridget & Tim Hobbs Brown, Hobbs of Barossa Ranges
Brittany & William John
Brock Lehmann
Bruce Crowhurst
Build Tec Group
Bunn Family
Burge Barossa
Byron, Amelia & Tegan Hoffmann, 7th generation
Caitlin Brown, Mountadam Vineyards
Calabria Family Wines
Callum Hill-Smith
Cam Bowes
Cam Cosgriff & Julie Anderson
Cameron & Julie Ashmead
Carl ‘Alf’ & Johanna Hoffmann, 3rd generation
Carl Julius & Clara Schulz – 3rd generation
Carol Kalleske, Kalleske Wines
Carolina Salamanca & Ryan Butta
Caroma Industries
Casella Family Brands
Casilda Henschke
Catherine John, Robwil Trust
Cathie Irvine
CCL Label
Cedric Catteau
Celina Hage
Chad Porter
Chaffey Bros Wine Co
Charles & Lara Dwyer
Charlie Melton, Charles Melton Wines
Charlie Michael Grant Thomas, 7th generation Burge
Charmaine Lynas
Chateau Tanunda
Chew Family, Langmeil Winery
Chris & Anne Hatcher
Chris & Lynn Semmler, Old Block Grenache
Chris Pazios
Chris Sumner & Suzanne Roux & Family
Chris Weir & Sarah Grimwade
Christian Paul John
Christian Scamoni
Christopher Neuenkirchen
Christopher, Allyson, Jessika, Sarah & Emma Mulraney
Classic Oak Products/Cpak
Clayton & Jackie Sargood
Clementson-Duncan Family
Coates Hire
Cock Family
Colin & Lib Dunsford
Colin Burge, 4th generation
Colin Gaetjens
Colin Gramp AM (1921-2020)
Colorado Vines Pty Ltd
Conroy Family
Cooperages 1912 Australia
Cornelius Family
Cornershop Design, Damian Hamilton
Craig Harris & Graeme Mustow
Curnow Family Vineyards
Cyril Alfred & Doris Elvira Henschke – 4th generation
D15 M28 M23 Moon Wong
Daisy Press
Dallas Sanders
Damo & Hi-D
Dan, Ben & Lucas March-Feltham
Dana Kalleske, Kalleske Wines
Danette Kaye Mifflin (nee Hueppauff), 6th generation Burge
Darcy & Isaac Semmler
Darrell Kruger (1958-2020), Trade Winds Vineyard
Darren Gollan
David & Joy Mahlo, for Harry Mahlo, master cooper for 40yrs at Yalumba Wines
David & Vicki Minear
David Dall, Shaw & Partners
David Morelli
David Obst, Obst Estate Wines
David Sanders
Dayna Clair Mifflin, 7th generation Burge
Décor Made Easy
Dean Booker & Leanne Boulger
Dean Lanyon
Della Mina Family, Langmeil Winery
Dennis Ross (DR) & Linda Schulz – 4th generation
Derek & Amanda Meys
Detlev & Phyllis Vosgerau
DG Vaughan
Diane Cowham, Cowham Vineyards
Digby Peter Sorby Adams, Sorby Adams Wines
Diterwich Family, Langmeil Winery
DLA Piper Asia
Doble Family
Dominic Virgara & Family
Doreau Cooperage
Doug & Julia Hall
Dr Brittany Heath
Dr Dino Donati
Dr John Manefield 1947-2015 ‘mon amour’
Dr Kate Haslam
Dr Ken Heath, Gawler Dental Clinic
Dutschke Wines
Dylan Kalleske, Kalleske Wines
EcoTrellis Horticultural Solutions
Eden Hall Wines
Edith Nellie Burge (nee Walker), 3rd generation
Elena Barro, Philip, Daniel, Kaitlyn, Benjamin McCrone & Amanda Holt
Elise Heath
Elise Leary
Eliza Burge (nee Springbett), 1st generation
Elizabeth J Bate
Ellen Ahrens
Elsie Oldaker
Emma Burge (nee Springbett), 2nd generation
Eric Fleming & Chris Williams
Erica Brady
Ethel Nancy Burge (nee Arthur), 4th generation
Evelyn “Evie” Freed
Faith Blackwell
Farmer Johns
Farmer Johns
Fine Acres Australia
Finlaysons Lawyers
Fiona Donald
First Drop Wines
First Drop Wines
Fisher Jeffries
Fletcher Insulation
Forum One
Four Daughters, Joanne & John Evans
Fred Gramp (1887-1972)
Frederick Henschke
Friedrich & Caroline Hoffmann, 2nd generation
Friedrich & Johanne Hoffmann, 1st generation
G&M Thomaidis Family
G.T.J.A.C Thomaidis Family
Gargaro Family
Garry & Trisha Ash
Garry Anderson
Gary Norbury
Gawler Custom Specialist Joinery
Gaza’s Vine
Geoff Graves, Irrigation Works
Geoff Neldner
George Peake
Georgia Hill-Smith
Gibson Family Wines
Gladigau Family
Glaetzer Wines
Glen & Tania Monaghan, Stonegarden Vineyard
Goldin Wines Australia
Grace Hill-Smith
Graham Edward Tipping & Beryl Tipping
Grant & Simone Tanner
Grant Burge Wines
Grant Crowhurst Family
Grant Walker Burge, 5th generation
Green Brain
Greenock Creek Wines
Greg & Allison Hobbs, Hobbs of Barossa Ranges
Guala Closures Australia
Gustav Gramp (1850-1927), G. Gramp & Sons
Habermann’s Höhe – 2nd generation Berthold & Hermine Habermann
Habermann’s Höhe – 3rd generation Bernard & Emma Habermann
Habermann’s Höhe – 4th generation Franz & Maria Habermann
Habermann’s Höhe – 5th generation Hedley & Denise Habermann
Habermann’s Höhe – 6th generation Daniel & Fiona Habermann
Habermann’s Höhe – 7th generation Jed, Ella & Bow Habermann
Habermann’s Höhe 1846 – 1st generation Friedrich & Johanne Habermann
Hage Digital Productions
Hage Family Vineyards Bethany
Hahn Barossa Vineyards
Hammerschlag Family, Langmeil Winery
Hampel Family Vineyards, Northern Barossa
Hanne Hyman
Hanson Construction Materials
Harley Cooke
Hayes Family Wines
HC Policar Family
Head Family
Heather Norbury
Heidi Hansen (nee Obst), Obst Estate Wines
Helen John
Helen Margaret Burge (nee Hamilton), 5th generation
Helen Moroney
Henschke Cellars
Hentley Farm
Hepple Family
Hoffmanns Wines 1847-1984, Bruce & Joan Hoffmann & Family
Holly Bate
Homburg Real Estate
Hsin Jan Sean Fang
Hugo Brown
Hugo Gramp (1895-1938)
Hugo Pearce
Hutton Vale Farm
Hutton Vale Farm, Caitlin Angas
Hutton Vale Farm, Jan Angas
Hutton Vale Farm, John Angas
Hutton Vale Farm, Shaun Trinne
Hutton Vale Farm, Stuart Angas
Hutton Vale Farm, Suzi Angas
Huw David Westwood Thomas, 6th generation Burge
Ian & Sherril McKay
Ian George & Dorothy June Murphy
Ian Howe Seppelt
Ian Hyman OAM
In memory of Annette John
In memory of Bruce Thiele (1950-2007)
In memory of Damien Garrett
In memory of Di Wark (1947-2020)
In memory of Edgar (1901-1976) & Emil Polst (1890-1976)
In memory of Eric (1919-1994) & Dora Grope (1917-2008)
In memory of Jan Obst (1942-2004)
In memory of Jean Parker (1912-2012)
In memory of John & Collette Jeffries
In memory of Peter Angas Rosenberg (1933-2018)
In memory of Shirley John
In memory of Terence Michael Mack (1941-2020) Always with us
In memory of Warren John
In memory of William (1816-1905) & Elizabeth (1825-1898) Rushall, pioneers of Lyndoch
Infra Build Steel Centre
Irene Jolly
Irvine Wines
Ivan Venning, Chairman Regional Development Board, Barossa
Ivan Venning, Member for Schubert 1990-2014
Izway Wines
J & K McIntyre
Jack Ferrett
Jackman Malycha Family, Eden Valley
Jackson Kalleske, Laughing Jack Wines
Jacob’s Creek
Jacqueline Milne, Milne Family
Jake & Maddie Roberts
James & Di Wark
James & Marjorie Irvine
James D.B. Crowder, The Crowder Family
James March & Kate Binns
James Wark, The Barossa Cellar committee
Jamie, Annaliese, Isabel & Ethan Nietschke
Janelle & Kristen Zerk, Z Wine
Janet Thomas, Sophie & Nick Thomason
Jasmine Hurst
Jason Oster
Jason Skinner
Jasper Lange
Jayne & Chris Pfeiffer
JBG Architects
Jeffrey & Denise Hoffmann, 5th generation, Dimchurch Vineyards
Jeffries – Soil for Generations
Jessica & Sam Hobbs-Griffin, Hobbs of Barossa Ranges
Jessica Ebony Skye Burge (nee Rosenzweig), 6th generation
Jessica Hill-Smith
Jill & Jim Mader, Gumpara Vineyards
Jim & Helen Carreker
Jim & Jane Dunstan
Jo Irvine & Peter Carr – Levrier Wines
Jo Potts & Chris Thomas
Joanne Panagiotopoulos
Johann & Willhemine Schulz – 1st generation
Johann Christian & Dorothea Elisabeth Henschke – 1st generation
Johann George Hoffmann, 1st generation, immigrated 1844
Johann Gramp (1819-1903), founder Gramps 1847
Johann Henschke
Johann Kalleske, Kalleske Wines
John & Elva Falland Family
John Bate
John Burge, 1st generation (immigrated from Wiltshire England 1855)
John Duval Wines
John Duval, John Duval Wines
John Falland Australia
John G Bate
John Kalleske, Kalleske Enterprises
Vine Donor
John Krüger Photography
John O’Brien, CCL Label
John, Gemma, James & Bodhi Harris
Jonathan Hurst
Jonathan Nitschke
Jones Family Wines
Jonny Duval, John Duval Wines
JR Lindner Family
Julia Nestor
Juliane & James Dwyer, The Pech-Dwyer Family
Julie & Luke Modistach
Justine Henschke
K&B, Red Obsession Wines
Kaesler Winery & Vineyards
Kay Venning
Kaylene Linke
Keegan Leary
Keiley & Sophie Gains
Keith & Karen Stait
Keith Gramp (1925-2018)
Kelly Family
Kennedy Rose Mifflin, 7th generation Burge
Kenneth Stanton
Kerrie Kingston-Gains
Kev & Liz Scarce
Kevin & Rosemary Lange, Toolang Enterprises
Knight Frank Valuations
Korvest Galvanisers
Kraehenbuhl Family
Kym & Amie Kalleske, Kalleske Enterprises
Kym Rohrlach
Lachlan Heath
Lara Kalleske, Kalleske Wines
Lauren & Jay Leary
Lauren & Simon Rundell
Lauren Melton, Charles Melton Wines
Lavis Family
Leader Computers
Leanne Ahrens
Leila & Ivy March
Lenny Colin Oliver Burge – 7th Generation
Leo & Beverley Pech
Leon & Carlene Koch & Family, Koch Pilgrim Vineyards
Lewis Lehmann
Lienert Vineyards
Lieutenant General Sir Donald Beaumont Dunstan AC KBE CB & Lady Beryl June Dunstan
Lily Holmes
Lily Tanner
Lily-Dene Kalleske, Laughing Jack Wines
Lincoln & Nicole Grocke, LG Vineyard Services
Linda Bowes, Chairman BGWA 2008-2018
Lindner Family, Langmeil Winery
Lindsay Wine Estate
Linke Vineyard Services Pty Ltd
Lois Elizabeth ‘The Auricht Family’
Lorraine Kalleske, Kalleske Enterprises
Lost Penny Wines
Lou Miranda Estate
Louanne Obst, Obst Estate Wines
Louis Bruce Campbell Ashmead
Louisa Rose
Louisa Rose & Warren Roesler
Louisa Rose, The Barossa Cellar committee
LPH Painting Co Pty Ltd. Andrew Papp-Horvath
Lucy & Andrew Phillips
Lucy Hill-Smith
Lulu DC
Luna Morales
Luo Family, Langmeil Winery
Lyle & Kay Rohrlach Family
M&J Robertson
Mader Gumpara Vineyards
Maggie Collings
Mal Whyatt
Marco & Annika Cirillo, Cirillo Estate Wines
Marcus & Roslyn Schulz – 5th generation
Margaret A Clements
Margaret Lehmann
Margaret Young, great grand-daughter of William Jacob
Margie Patrick
Margo Hill-Smith
Mariani Family
Mariniello Family
Marj Ahrens
Mark Pearce
Mark-Henri Haan
Marnie Gilder
Marschall Groom Cellars
Martin & Sally Pfeiffer on behalf of the Whistler Wines Family
Mary Venning
Matilda Henschke
Matt & Angie Alexander
Matt & Katie Stait – 5th April 2020
Matt, Gina, Fin & Meg McCulloch
Matthew & Melanie Minear
Matthew & Sasha Smith
Matthew Dutschke
Matthew Grayson & Bernadette Stewart
Matthew Obst, Obst Estate Wines
Matthew Shields
Matthew Verlin
Matthias Benjamin & Elisabeth Schulz – 2nd generation
Max Henry Koch
Max Hurrell, Hart of the Barossa
McNamara Family
Melissa, Mallika & Jackson Fletcher
Meshach William Burge, 2nd generation
Michael & Kim Evans
Michael & Kylie Noack
Michael & Susan Papps, Yelland & Papps
Michael Francis
Michael Hart, Hart of the Barossa
Michael John Schrapel
Michael Ord
Michael Waugh
Michelle Bryant
Michelle Heath
Mick & Diane Koch, Tributary Vineyards Moculta
Mike, Lisa, Wyatt & Clay Wilson WFP LLC
Miles Family Vineyards
Mister Doors
Molly Tanner
Morna Aughey & Family
Murray Street Vineyards
Murray, Michelle, Grace & Emily Kretschmer
Nakia Lehmann
Nancy Jennifer Brown, Mountadam Vineyards
Natalie Laurie Weinmann-Binder
Neil & Elizabeth Roberts
Nelson Brown, Mountadam Vineyards
Neville Linke
Neville Yates, grandson of Harold Yates, Signature Blend 1966
NG’s Family
Nicholas Falland
Nicholson & Huxtable Family
Nick & Carol Riebke, Riebke Vineyards
Nicky Graves, Irrigation Works
Nicola Biagi
Nicole Cheng
Nicole Hodgson
Nilsson Family
Noel & Cheryl Heidenreich
Norbury Family
Oak Solutions Group
Obst Family – Stan, Stephen & Mark
Olive Lehmann
Olivia Henschke
Olivia Kalleske, Kalleske Wines
Olivia Scamoni
Orora Limited
Orora Packaging Group
Oscar & Scarlett Chipman
Oscar Lange
Otto Henschke
Our Little Piece – Knowles Family
Owens Own Vineyard
P4B Solar & Energy Solutions
Pagey’s Vine
Paisley Wines
Park Family, Langmeil Winery
Pat Duval, John Duval Wines
Patrick Holmes
Patsy Biscoe
Paul Alfred & Johanne Ida Selma Henschke – 3rd generation
Paul Dimattina
Paul Gotthard & Johanne Matilda Henschke – 2nd generation
Pech Family, Gnowangerup, Western Australia
Pellenc Australia
Penelope Byrne-Heald 1950-
Penny Rafferty
Penrice Quarry & Mineral
Percival Norman Burge, 3rd generation
Pete Kight – Proprietor, Torbreck Vintners
Peter & Denise Murphy
Peter & Jenny Neldner, Rendlen Ridge Vineyards
Peter & Roxane Canning
Peter & Suzy Hengstberger
Peter & Susan Cole
Peter & Susan Matthews
Peter Ben Nieuwenhuizen
Peter Browne
Peter Carr & Jo Irvine, Lévrier Wines
Peter Jeffries, Bruce Foster, Peter Gilchrist & Michael Gilchrist
Peter John, Robwil Trust
Peter John, The Barossa Cellar committee
Peter Johnson
Peter Joy, BGWA Chair 2018-2021
Peter Lehmann Wines
Peter Leonidas Karidas, Lou Miranda Estate
Peter Little
Philippa Lynas
Pindarie Wines
Poppy DC
Professor Daniel Johnson
Prue Henschke
Purple Hands Wines
Radford Family
Ralph & Raeleen Falland
Ralph Biagi
Ralph, Angela, Sean & Gemma Schrapel
Raymond J Clements
Raymond Siu & Patty Wong
Rebecca Chant
Rebecca Falland
Rebekah & Paul, in loving memory of Shelagh Tucker
Reftec Services
Reg & Mavis Waples
Reis Creek Wines & Jin Family
Renshaw Family
Rex Craker & Family
Rich & Lee Hurst
Richard & Jan Fleming
Rick & Barb Allert
Riley Ahrens
Rob & Carol Howard, Howard Quarries
Rob & Lisa Scamoni
Robb Family, Langmeil Winery
Robert Cowham, Cowham Vineyards
Robert Evans
Robert Gilder
Robert, Val & Michael Grope
Robyn & Kevin Gardner
Rockford Wines
Rod & Kathy Gibson
Rod Schubert
Rodney & Chris Hueppauff, Hueppauff Family Vineyards
Ron & Janet Liebich
Ron Thorn (1923-2008)
Rosenvale Vineyards
Rosenzweig Family, 2nd generation, Johann Rosenzweig
Rosenzweig Family, 3rd generation, Gustav Rosenzweig
Rosenzweig Family, 4th generation, Paul Rosenzweig
Rosenzweig Family, 5th generation, Aubrey Rosenzweig
Rosenzweig Family, 6th generation, James Rosenzweig
Rosenzweig Family, 7th generation, Jake, Emily, Nathan Rosenzweig
Rosenzweig Family, pioneers and custodians since 1858, 1st generation, Gottfried Rosenzweig
Rosenzweig Vineyards Pty Ltd
Ruby Henschke
Ruby Hurst
Rupert Pearce
Rusden Wines
Ryan Johnson
S & P
Sally Brown, Mountadam Vineyards
Sally Collings
Sally Kalleske, Kalleske Wines
Sally Louise Sorby Adams, Sorby Adams Wines
Sam Hill-Smith
Sam Montgomerie
Sarah Press
Saverio Virgara & Family
Scalzi Family Wines
Schild Family – 1st generation, Johann Gottfried Schild (1836-1931), arrived Barossa 1866
Schild Family – 2nd generation, Paul Schild (1866-1930)
Schild Family – 3rd generation, Ben Schild (1895-1956)
Schild Family – 4th generation, Ed Schild b1941
Schild Family – 5th generation, Judy, Leanne, Raelene & Michael
Schild Family – 6th generation, Ryan, Lucas, Owen, Elana, Ethan, Angus, Hugo & Sydney
Schrapel Family Vineyards, Bethany
Schulz Family 1st generation, Turkey Flat Vineyards
Schulz Family 2nd generation, Turkey Flat Vineyards
Schulz Family 3rd generation, Turkey Flat Vineyards
Schulz Family 4th generation, Turkey Flat Vineyards
Schulz Family 5th generation, Turkey Flat Vineyards
Schulz Family 6th generation, Turkey Flat Vineyards
Schwarz Wine Co
Scott & Jenni Taylor
Scott & Kathryn Spanton
Scott & Schering
Scott Hazeldine
Sean & Renee Hobbs, Hobbs of Barossa Ranges
Seize the Day Wines
Seppeltsfield Road Business Alliance
Seth, Yobo & Yokai, Red Obsession Wines
Shanahans Wines
Shane Larkin
Shane Yeend
Shang Family, Langmeil Winery
Sharon Olsson
Sherwood Earthmoving
Sidney Gramp (1915-1996)
Sieber Family
Simon Garrett
Simon Tiddy
Sinder Mui Family
Siobhan White
Skinner Family
Sons of Eden
Sophie Collings
Sophie Melton, Charles Melton Wines
Soul Growers Wines
Spinifex Wines
St Hallett Wines
Stack #1
Stack #2
Stage Door Wine Co
Stef Ahrens
Stefan Ahrens, The Barossa Cellar committee
Stephanie Binder
Stephanie Hurst
Stephanie Jade Mifflin, 7th generation Burge
Stephen Henschke
Stephen Stanton
Steve & Jennie Mack
Steve & Sonya Schiller, Tractor Tread Vineyards
Steve & Steph Couche
Steve Falland
Steven Myers
Stuart Blackwell
Stuart Bourne
Stunell Family
Sue Hewitt
Surf’s Up – Ken & Deb
Susanna Pearce
Susie Hope & Owen Haviland
Suzanne Nieuwenhuizen & Family
Taylor Louise Mifflin, 7th generation Burge
The Barossa Wine & Food Society Inc
The Barossi Vine
The Bick Family
The Darling, Gibson Family Wines
The Dirtman, Gibson Family Wines
The Duke, Gibson Family Wines
The Gleadow Family Vine
The Hon Stephan Knoll MP
The Howletts
The Jones Family – Matt, Shannon, Chelsea, Adele
The Koehne Family Vines
The Lamb Family
The Leader
The Maywald Family Vineyard
The Mullins Family
The Norman Family
The Owens Family
The Rogers Family, Paraville, Eden Valley
The Shaz, Cubes & Jo Vine
The Standish Wine Company
The White Family
The Wright Family
Thomas Melton, Charles Melton Wines
Thomson Geer
Tia Schubert
Tilly Margaret Rose Burge, 7th generation
Tim & Sara Liersch & Family
Tim Duval, John Duval Wines
Tim Heald 1944-2016, Writer
Tim Lynas
Tim Smith Wines
Tip Top Electrical Services Pty Ltd
Toby Noel Mifflin, 6th generation Burge
Tolhurst Family
Tony & Bei
Tony Kalleske, Kalleske Wines
Tony Whitington
Torzi Matthews, Mt McKenzie
Toula Saunders
Tradelink Plumbing
Trent Hamilton Walker Burge, 6th generation
Triaxial Consulting
Troy Kalleske, Kalleske Wines
Trpimir Veljaca
Tscharke Wines
Two Hands Wines Pty Ltd
Underwood Building Pty Ltd
Valmai Hankel AM PSM
Vanessa Ingram & Scott Levy
Verity Tulloch
Vern & Maxine Lynas
Vicki Porter
Vindana Wines, Scott Higginson & Dennis Morgen
Vinechange Pty Ltd
Vinpac International Pty Ltd
Virginia Melton, Charles Melton Wines
Ward Charman, Hydroproof
Wark Family
Warnes Family
Warren Ward
Wayne & Debbie Grope, Grope Family Vineyards
Wendy Pech & Family
Wendy Rohrlach
Wernsing Family
Whitelum Family
Whiting Flooring
William “Will” Freed
William Falland
William John, Robwil Trust
William Neil Campbell Ashmead
William O’Brien – Wine Lover
Wolf Blass Foundation Inc
Wolf Blass Gallery & Wine Museum
Wroxton Grange Vineyards, Zander Family
Xin Jin & Family
Yalumba Nursery
Zach Hart, Hart of the Barossa
Zali DC

Stone Donors

Ace Panel Systems PL
Alkina Wine Estate
Andrew Nash
Angaston Agricultural Bureau
Apex Steel Supplies
Atze’s Corner Wines
AV&M Pty Ltd
Barb & Scott Redden, Barossa Bark
Barossa Valley Cheese Company
Ben Beer
Bianco Precast
Calabria Family Wines
Casella Family Brands
CH Fromm & Son Vignerons
Chloe, Bella, Monique & Lola Evans
Coates Hire
Col & Rita Rogers
Colin & Lib Dunsford
Colin Burge, 4th generation
Colorado Vines Pty Ltd
Cornershop Design, Damian Hamilton
D&J Heinze, Jamabro Wines
Dahlitz Family, Samerra Vineyards
Darby Beer
Dianne Klingner
Doble Family
Emily EM Taylor
Fechner Family, Apex Bakery
Friedrich & Anna Koch, Pioneers, Koch Pilgrim Vineyards
Garth Wright
Gawler Custom Specialist Joinery
Georgina M Staker
Gil Rogers & Jan Keightley
God’s Hill Wines, by Scalzi Family Wines
Gordon Nilsson
Grant Walker Burge, 5th generation
Head Family
Heathvale Wines Pty Ltd
Heinrich Cooperage
Heinrich Family, Hallett’s Valley
Iain Muggoch – Redheads Wine
Ian & Daniela Hongell
In memory of Muff & Murray Neuenkirchen
Infra Build Steel Centre
James March & Kate Binns
Jeffries – Soil for Generations
John & Edith Rogers, Paraville
John & Elva Falland Family
John & Jo Evans
John & Vicki Holt, Moppa Hills Vineyard
John Burge, 1st generation (immigrated from Wiltshire England 1855)
John Falland Australia
Judith & Peter Jones
Karu Harvesting Est 1979
Kleinig Earthmoving, pioneers in vineyard removal since 1974
Leonie Boothby
Lilly Beer-Price
Linke Vineyard Services Pty Ltd
Lola Shelby-James
Mark & Maralyn Bartholomaeus
Max Beer-Price
Meshach William Burge, 2nd generation
Mia AS Lindner
Miles Family Vineyards
Neil & Sandy Hahn
Neville & Kaylene Linke
Neville, Kaylene & Damion Linke
Orora Limited
Orora Packaging Group
Paul Theodor ‘PT’ Falkenberg, Glen View Wines & Vineyards, Est 1847-1970
Percival Norman Burge, 3rd generation
Pernod Ricard Winemakers
Perry Gunner
Pete Kight – Proprietor, Torbreck Vintners
Peter Lehmann Wines
Peter, Melissa, Emily & Georgia Raymond, Garden & Field Vineyards
Pindarie Wines
Pressed Pantry
Reis Creek Wines & Jin Family
Relish the Barossa, Andrew McAlister
Rod & Leonie Matheson
Rory Beer-Price
Rotary Club of Barossa Valley
Schwarz Wine Co
Semmler Bros – Jeff, Zac & Corben
Shane & Annie Berkett
Smallfry Wines
Soul Growers Wines
Stainless Engineering, SEAM
Steve & Jennie Mack
Steve Zimmermann, Zimmys Barossa Valley Produce
Susie Hope & Owen Haviland
Tarnia, Dean, Damion & Glenn Linke
The Leader
Thomson Geer
Tim & Alina Gransbury
Tony & Julie Smith
Tony Kalleske, Kalleske Wines
Trent Hamilton Walker Burge, 6th generation
Trevor, Faye, Sally & James March
Troy Kalleske, Kalleske Wines
Twin Valley Estate
Vinpac International Pty Ltd
Ward Charman, Hydroproof
Western Ridge Brewing & Distilling Co
Whiting Flooring
William WS Lindner
Wilson Forest Products LLC
Woodbridge Farm
Wordplay Wines
Zoe Beer

Other Donors

Apex Steel Supplies
Barossa Infrastructure Limited (BIL)
Bianco Precast
Cozwine, Recruitment Specialists
Family of Paul Theodor Falkenberg 1905-1975
Infra Build Steel Centre
Marnie Wark
Penrice Quarry & Mineral
Ross Jenkins 1925-2019
Seguin Moreau Australia

Wine Donors

Atze’s Corner Wines
Australian Wine Research Institute
Barossa Boy
Barossa Old Vine Company
Bethany Wines
Brothers at War
Charles Melton Wines
Curator Wine Co.
Dandelion Vineyards
Dutschke Wines
Elderton Wines
First Drop Wines
Garden & Field Wines
Gibson Wines
Glaetzer Wines
God’s Hill Wines
Grant Burge Wines
Greenock Creek Wines
Gumpara Wines
Haydens Lot 42
Hayes Family Wines
Head Wines
Heathvale Vineyard
Heirloom Vineyards
Hemera Estate
Hentley Farm
Irvine Wines
John Duval Wines
Kaesler Wines
Kalleske Wines
Langmeil Winery
Laughing Jack Wines
Marjico Wines
Michael Hall Wines
Pernod Ricard Winemakers
Peter Lehmann Wines
Pewsey Vale Vineyard
Pirathon Wines
Purple Hands Wines
Rockford Wines
Schild Estate Wines
Schwarz Wine Co
Sorby Adams
Soul Growers
St Hallett Wines
The Cutting
Thorn-Clarke Wines
Tomfoolery Wines
Torbreck Vintners
Torzi Matthews Vintners
Turkey Flat Vineyards
Two Hands Wines
WD Wines
Wolf Blass Wines
Yelland & Papps
Z Wine Pty Ltd

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